This is a
very sad poem about someone who is being bullied and is scared no matter where they are. They are always going to be found and treated badly. They may be on a sandy shore relaxing, but the relaxation of the waves never comes.

Then all of a sudden he spots the bully and realizes that they are seen and begin to fear for their life again. The bully is everywhere, almost following but out of sight. Full of fear and confusing to why all women like him and not him. Begins to pick on himself for being stout and him being thin, wondering if this is why he cant get the girl he vowed to get.

Then as the poem ends, the bully comes up to him and begins the insults and picking on him. You can tell this is really affecting him because it is although he is yelling inside his head about how he vows to call him out. Show that he is not only stout and hopefully get the girl.

The control is by the bigger man and not the victim. The victim may have power but they don’t use it and let themselves get stepped on constantly by this person. The bigger man gets everything and the victim is left with nothing but the fear that has been left upon them.

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