From the first paragraph you can tell they are trying to make a strange scene. By saying it was already odd, so you can expect it is going to get weirder. The sun and moon don’t seem to like each other because the sun outshine him and never leaves. As the poem goes on, it is saying how there are no birds, no clouds, sand was dry, and this isn’t creating an exciting scene. More like a depressing scene where nothing is outgoing.

The walrus and the carpenter are walking and saying how they don’t like the sand, the walrus never seen to be positive on the carpenters to clean the beach. Nothing seems to make anyone happy, even in a normally happy environment.

The walrus begins to talk to the oysters and the older oyster won’t come because it knows it is just a trick. This to me relates to the government, the older ones who have gone their whole life observing are done believing in their promises. The little oysters go for the “treat” they would be going. Giving in to the empty promises made, a smile trying to make everything better, never listening to their elders.

They go on a mile walk; they are dragging the little oysters around and talking of what they are going to do. After a few nice words they are back on board.

As one knows, the walrus eats all the sad oysters and asks for them to go home “even though they have eaten everyone.” This is a comparison to how the government you along until they don’t need you anymore then just throw you away, but by that time it is too late because you can’t go back.

Reading Lewis Carrols poems can be compared to the government because he is always talking about the strong one taking advantage of the little one. Also not letting anyone use their imagination and kicking while they are down.

Control in Lewis Carrols eyes for this poem, is having the upper hand and the ones below suffer.

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